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I have wasted too much time sending emails to addresses which (for various reasons) don't connect. If you contact me  I  will aim to reply within  about  a week, but it won't be from the address you posted to. If I seem not to have replied first check your spam box, then feel free to resend.

We welcome any emails you may wish to send us. Unfortunately though, we don't have the advantage of an IT department so we have to use a dodge to avoid spam. Our contact information is below, as an image. You will have to enter it manually into your email software.  If we have a problem we may have to change the address, but it will always be found here.

Image - Young ladies take a stroll on the West Pier at Brighton

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Research into names connected with our families from 1736 to the present day, including Bell, Cheesman (and variations), Children, Crux, Davies, Dymock, Hoare, Holland, Keld, Kitchener, Pocock, Read, Snazell, Tidy/Tydy, and Williams. In particular, the Cheesman family played an important role as builders and shipowners during the expansion of Brighton in the 1800's.


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